Minnesota Sues Hallmark For Claiming Movie Was Set In Duluth But Clearly Filmed In Winnipeg

Ahead of the holiday season, Attorney General Keith Ellison, along with the support of local holiday movie lovers, announced legal action against the Hallmark Channel. The trailer for the cable channel’s latest feel-good flick, “Dashing in Duluth”  shows none of the city’s iconic landmarks and was clearly filmed in Winnipeg, which has been interpreted as an attack on Duluth and the state.

“You have to understand, Hallmark Channel has been there for me through the roughest moments of my life,” Christina Peal, owner of popular “Minne_mom_ta” Twitter page, commented. “ Hallmark Channel’s malicious attack is the worst thing that has happened in Minnesota all year.”

“We will be prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law,” Ellison announced at a press conference. “This is an open-and-shut case in my opinion. The movie, which clearly uses the name of our crown jewel, features not the dreaming Lake Superior getaway, but instead features Mounties and caribou, and I don’t mean the beloved coffee chain.”

This last point was met with an audible gasp from the reporters in the room.

Later in the day, Ellison announced that he and his team will not settle for anything less than the demands of an actual movie being filmed in Duluth. The press releases stated that Hallmark Channel should be ready for “the fight of their lives, for if Minnesotans are good at one thing, it’s navigating and winning a complicated, petty fight”.