Move Over Firefighters: MnDOT Releases Pothole Repair Crew Calendars

Minnesota’s sexiest employees can now grace the pages of your monthly calendar. The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has released its inaugural Pothole Repair Crew calendar.

“After popping my tire on a pothole this winter, my rim was unrecognizable. So, when I see MnDOT crews out there shoving hot asphalt into those big, long, deep crevices, I just get so excited,” said Jodi Anderson, who purchased three calendars. “They are Minnesota’s true heroes.” 

MnDOT employee Dan Schultz said, “Since I’m Mr. July, I dressed light and only wore my neon vest for the photo shoot, which people love. They’ve been stopping me, mid-hole filling, asking me to autograph their calendar. But, I want Minnesota’s citizens to know it’s not safe to come near us when we’re filling potholes. It’s hot, dirty work.”

Daryl Olson, Mr. February, reports finding undergarments in his MnDOT truck almost everyday. “I was hesitant to pose for the calendar. But now, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. My fans call 311 and specifically ask for me to come fill their pothole!”

However, some citizens report pothole repairs causing an inconvenience. “I was 30 minutes late for work today because I was stuck behind a slow pothole repair MnDOT truck,” shared Lois Miller. “But, I didn’t mind because Barry was putting steaming asphalt so deep in those huge cracks. Then, he’d slap the pavement with his shovel. He made it so smooth. I wish I could’ve watched longer. When I flipped to his page in October, I could really see the passion in his eyes.”

Calendar sales will help to fund pothole repairs next year, which MnDOT reports has already exceeded the amount needed by nine times. At the time of publication, all calendars have sold out.