New MN Drivers License Design Features Iconic Images of Loon, Canoe, Socially Anxious Man Hiding In Bathroom At A Party

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety has unveiled a new Driver’s License design that features an updated logo as well as several new images that capture the spirit of the State including a loon, a canoe, and a socially anxious man named Devin hiding in the bathroom at a crowded house party. The front side of the design captures the feel of a leisurely summer evening in Minnesota; a lakeside vista is punctuated by the image of a majestic loon floating near a relaxed figure in a canoe. The backside features the relatable image of a 25 year old named Devin, who suffers from social anxiety.

He can be seen staring at his pale, stressed out face in the bathroom mirror, attempting to find the courage to return to the party outside and announce to everyone that it’s been fun but he has to go because he’s got an interview in the morning.

“There’s no interview. In fact, he’s got nothing tomorrow. He’ll just sleep till 11 and spend the rest of the day fretting over every single social interaction he had the night before,” said the license’s graphic designer Melanie Snyder, “just like he always does.”

For added protection against counterfeiting, when the card is held up to the light, Devin can be seen pacing anxiously around the bathroom, figuratively beating himself up over accidentally calling Sandra “Sarah”.