Local Woman Uses Two Exclamation Points in Work Email, Has to Quit Now


MINNEAPOLIS — Office administrator Stephanie Johnson is resigning in disgrace from Trusted Help Staffing Solutions after ending an email with two exclamation points.

The email in question, which stated Johnson was “looking forward to everyone’s feedback in the meeting!!” sparked a storm of raised eyebrows and hushed conversations in the small downtown office space Tuesday afternoon.

According to Johnson, she “wasn’t paying close enough attention” before she hit send and irrevocably damaged her career and reputation.

“I always make sure to include one exclamation point per email so I don’t sound like a bitch. One is fine. Expected, even. But two? I’m finished. I can’t work possibly keep my job if everyone thinks I am complete joke,” said Johnson while hastily packing the contents of her desk into a cardboard box.

When asked if Johnson was overreacting, fellow Trusted Help employee Ethan Brown stated that he thought she probably had to go.

“I mean, maybe you could get away with something like that in California or something, but it’s a different world here. You don’t want to get people too excited, y’know?”