This Day In History: That Time You Accidentally Called Your Third Grade Teacher “Mom” in Front of Everybody

On this date in history, you mistakenly called your third-grade teacher “Mom” in front of the entire class. You probably thought we all forgot about that, but we totally didn’t.

You had just been called on to answer a question (which you probably got wrong, let’s be honest) when, instead of calling the teacher by her actual name, Ms. Kassoff, you let the word “Mom” slip and after that there was nothing you could do. The room fell silent, only to be replaced by a rising tide of derisive snickers and taunts, which you totally deserved.

Also on this day in history, you tried desperately to convince the class that “Mom” sounded a lot like “Ms.” and that you were really tired, but it didn’t help at all, and probably just made things worse, because for the next week everybody kept asking you if it was weird having your mom for a teacher.

It was hilarious. Some of your friends still talk about it. On the plus side, at least you didn’t call her “Mommy,” otherwise you probably would have had to switch schools.