Oh Shit! City Council Is Gonna Maybe Do the Thing They Said They Might Do Eventually

Photo by Tony Webster

MINNEAPOLIS — It’s been several months since the Minneapolis City Council told residents they planned to defund the police at Powderhorn Park in the wake of the George Floyd uprising, which has not yet been accomplished. But a recent plan has brought many closer to believing that maybe – just maybe – the city council might potentially do the very thing they once said they would actually do someday eventually.

“We’ve talked amongst ourselves for the last few months and honestly I think we might do it,”,  said a very optimistic Phillipe Cunningham while pointing to a calendar with no dates on it. “It could happen any day now, no promises, no guarantees, don’t quote me on this, but it could potentially happen now or someday in the future. Who knows?”

Cunningham and two other members have set into motion a plan that would possibly cut $8 million dollars from the MPDs already $179 million budget, something some leaders are calling potentially hazardous if it ever gets done, depending on if they decide to do it or not

“It’s a shame that they would even think to possibly one day take from MPD”, said an enraged Mayor Jacob Frey. “That leaves them with just $171 Million, that’s chump change! What are they gonna do with all that extra money? Rent condos?”