Opinion: Without Police, Who Will Systematically Ignore Rape Cases?

Since George Floyd’s horrific murder, there have been a lot of calls to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department. But as a woman, I have to ask: if there are no police officers, who is going to ignore the thousands of rape cases reported every year?

People say that abolishing the police includes creating new roles that serve community needs without violence, but to me it just seems unrealistic. Is some community officer going to be as effective as a policeman at dismissing my pain if I end up as the one in every six women who is sexually assaulted in her lifetime?

There’s all this talk about disarming law enforcement, but if I don’t report my assault to someone with a gun, how can we be sure that it’s one of the 75% of cases that never get forwarded to a prosecutor?

Look, Minneapolis spends 193 million dollars a year to ensure that rapists are protected from being held accountable for their crimes. What else could we even spend that money on?

The way I see it, just reforming the Minneapolis Police Department makes much more sense. After all, they have far more experience storing the 3,482 untested rape kits in Minnesota.