Pathetic Satire Writers Ask You for Money

A local group of nerds who write satirical articles about the Upper Midwest are asking their readers for money because they failed to anticipate that writing content online isn’t profitable.

The staff of “comedy website”—who have somehow been maintaining the website and publishing articles regularly for over four years—is seeking financial support to continue writing, curating, editing, and publishing irreverent content for a dying medium.  They’ve begun a campaign to solicit support from hardworking satire consumers to continue making niche little jokes for the internet.

Sources say that the staff are asking for their handouts in the form of tips to their KoFi or subscribing to their Patreon.

It remains to be seen if these pitiful comedians will come out of this campaign with any dignity—alas, several Nordly staff members reportedly had none to begin with.

“Sure I could have a rich social life or work on projects that actually compensate me, but where’s the fun in that?” said Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Gershberg. “Well actually, there’s not that much more fun in this. It’s actually, like, a lot of work.” All the community can do at this point, besides wishing these desperate fools luck, is consider subscribing to their Patreon and buying their merchandise to help soothe the pain of their questionable life choices.