Sad!: Duluth Man Just Now Perfected His Trump Impression

Talk about bad timing! After four years of diligent practice, Duluth dental assistant Leo Macdonald, 31, just now perfected his Trump impression.

Macdonald was on his lunch break mindlessly practicing the voice alone in his car when he used the word “turkey sub” in Trump’s voice and the entire impression suddenly clicked into place. 

“I can’t believe it’s taken me this long. I’ve tried everything,” said Macdonald. “I tried using the word ‘tremendous’ a lot and saying ’China’ like ‘Ghina’. This week I was repeating “We love you’re. You’re very special” and tried to whip up a little insurrection, but nothing worked. Then I finally get it right with days left in his presidency? This sucks!”

Macdonald is reportedly making up for lost time by using his newfound impression as often as possible, much to the annoyance of those around him.

“I only have a few more chances to go viral before it’s just an impression of some guy who used to be president,” said Macdonald. “So I’m on a strict schedule of doing a TikTok where I read the lyrics to a Taylor Swift song in his voice every hour on the hour until Jan 20th.”

At press time, Macdonald had just started work on his impression of Joe Exotic from “Tiger King” who he’s banking on being relevant for years to come.