Sadistic Dad Suggests 16-Hour Family Road Trip After Spending One Year Quarantined Together

WOODBURY — After sharing a home, bathroom and several breakdowns with one another, a local, sadistic Dad suggested that he and the entire family continue the “quarantine experience” by going on a 16-hour road trip together. 

David Gorman, 49, loves to golf, grill in the backyard, and torment his family for every waking moment, and this trip suggestion is the latest of his dark machinations.

“We’ve been inside for over a year!” David announced over the breakfast table. “Let’s get out of this stuffy house and cram into our Honda Pilot, clown car style, and drive nonstop until we reach the Pacific Ocean!”

Emotionally and physically drained, no one in the family was able to resist the unstoppable force that was Dad’s train of thought. Now, that train had fully derailed and killed any chances of regaining personal space.

“Oh! And why don’t we just skip hotels and all sleep together in this RV I rented?” screamed Dad at 6am sitting in front of his laptop. “How does that sound, Gorman clan?”

It’s been confirmed by the Gorman clan that this plan sounded utterly terrible.