Shy, Down to Earth Clock in Downtown Anoka Doesn’t Know How Pretty She Is

ANOKA — While downtown Anoka offers many lovely sites, there is one object that has captured the heart of resident David Lanners: the shy, down to earth clock who has no idea how pretty she is.

“She’s got this look that’s understated but still sort of classic and cool” shares Lanners, “matte black body with a subtle gold trim. You might not notice right away but when you step closer to read the time you can see that her pole has divots in it, like a Roman column. I’ve just… never met a clock like her.” 

The clock was installed in 1989 in downtown Anoka to give the nearby shoe store and the pet grooming salon a more “old-timey feel” and has remained relatively untouched in its downtown location since. 

“She does so much for Anoka. She tells people the time every day and doesn’t even ask for anything in return. She just ticks and tocks like it’s no problem, not like

other clocks that are loud and have to sing a little song every hour. She’s

just so humble,” Landers confirms. 

While no other Anoka resident had anything to say about the clock other than, “oh yeah, I kind of forgot about that” Lanners feels that he’s the only one that truly understands what makes the Anoka clock beautiful. 

“People only really see her during the day but what they don’t see is when she lights up at night. After 9:00 PM her face literally lights up, it’s incredible. I just wish she could see what I see in her.” 

Update: Lanners was recently fined for repeatedly placing a pair of large glasses on the clock and taking them off slowly last weekend.