That’s Nice Of Them: The Duluth Lift Bridge Just Went Up For A Boat That Wasn’t Even That Big

Awww. This story is sure to make your day. Reports are coming out of Duluth that the Aerial Lift Bridge just went up for a boat that wasn’t even that big. 

“I saw the boat coming and I thought ‘that boat is so small that the bridge won’t even bother to go up’ but then the bridge blasted its horn and went up anyway as if the small boat was actually big,” said eyewitness Kelsey Lindquist, “it was cool because the bridge really didn’t need to do that”.

“The bridge must have gone up to make the small boat feel special”, said Amir Reynolds, who waited in his car for over 20 minutes for the bridge to go up and come back down again, “I really wanted to get to the other side of the road but I happily waited because it’s important for boats to feel acknowledged”.

Wow. What a bridge! Maybe we could all take a lesson from the Duluth lift bridge and go up every once in a while for the small boats in our lives. Maybe – just maybe – in our own way, we too could lift the spirits of the world around us…