The MN Diet: 3 Beige Recipes to Help You Finish off the Winter

Photo by Meliciousm

It’s that time of year – the one last Minnesota cold streak and snowstorm to keep our yards muddy and our spirits broken. Before you can even plant your humble vegetable garden filled with fresh green herbs, luscious red tomatoes and plump purple eggplants, finished off that last stretch of winter with a traditional Minnesota diet of beige comfort food. Here are three great midwest recipes that are completely devoid of color. 

Tater Tot Hotdish 
A classic Minnesota dish. Known by all and loved by most, this meat-based hotdish perfectly matches the dark brown beige walls of your pediatrician’s suburban waiting room. This recipe is sure to keep your insides warm and make sure that summer bod doesn’t come on too quickly. 

Cream of Mushroom Soup
This creamy, umami-filled soup, similar to hex code #DFCAB0, is great on its own or combined with other similarly colored foods like Minute Rice or egg noodles. This soup will fill your home with an interesting, mushroomy smell and have you regretting letting that bag of spinach go to waste, again

Buttered Noodles 
A childhood staple that many Minnesotans carry into adulthood. The Benjamin Moore Dark Beige of the penne noodles, highlighted by the Behr Buttered Beige color of the butter, and Sherwin-Williams Off-White color of the parmesan cheese– this dish is truly the beige comfort food trifecta. 

So there you have it. Three colorless dishes to help you survive the last stretch of Minnesota winter and gently carry you into spring without being too overstimulating.