‘Not Allowing Skinny Women to Audition for Lizzo is Non-Inclusive’, says Girl Who Can Eat Pizza Without Public Shame

Amazon Studios has received praise after they released a casting call for full-figured models and dancers to star in Lizzo’s new series. However, local woman Claire Smith believes not allowing thin women to audition is exclusionary, even though she can eat pizza in public places without getting judged by strangers.

“I just think that if we want to be inclusive in the body positivity movement, all body types should be able to audition,” Smith claimed while eating a bag of Oreos without anyone asking if she should be eating them, “All bodies matter, and not including all bodies in the casting call is offensive.”

Smith believes it’s unfair if this new series does not represent all body types, ignoring the fact that her body type is represented in the majority of film, television, and Internet influencers. 

“I have been dancing for years, and the fact that my body type is keeping me from auditioning is prime body shaming,” she sighed. “If we truly wanted to be inclusive, the audition would be based on skill, not your body type,” not acknowledging that fat people face extra bias from doctors, have a harder time securing jobs, and receive endless amounts of harassment on dating apps because of their size.

“If this show is trying to promote body positivity, they would showcase fat women, skinny women, everyone in between,” Smith says, despite most casting calls being designed specifically for thin women. “All bodies are beautiful, including ones that are deemed socially acceptable”