Area Woman Definitely Feels Sick From COVID Vaccine And Not Entire Bag Of Pizza Rolls She Ate at 3AM

SOUTH ST. PAUL — As the race to vaccinate Minnesota against COVID ramps up, some of those who’ve been vaccinated have come forward with stories of mild flu-like side effects. One such vaccine recipient is Jenna Stevenson of South St. Paul, who is definitely feeling sick from the vaccine, and not from the entire bag of pizza rolls she ate at three in the morning. 

“It’s so crazy,” said Stevenson. “I got my shot in the evening, felt totally fine, went home, laid on the couch and watched YouTube in the dark for six hours, drank four diet mountain dews, ate a whole bag of pizza rolls at 3AM, and then when I woke up this morning I felt like garbage. I’ve never had a reaction like this before.” 

While Stevenson has not reported muscle soreness or a mild fever like many vaccine recipients, she did wake up with a stomach ache and fatigue. These symptoms could be chalked up to her vaccination, but certainly not from eating six servings of Totino’s finest immediately before going to sleep.

At press time, Stevenson was laying in bed and groaning about her “vaccine heartburn” while waiting for her roommate to pick up more pizza rolls and some TUMS from the grocery store.