Used Car Shortage Solved by Rollout of 12V Battery Powered Hummers

The nationwide shortage of used cars is coming to a quick halt, thanks to the recent rollout of used Kid Motorz 12V battery powered Hummers. 

The motorized vehicles, known for their fuel efficiency and affordability, are rapidly increasing in popularity amongst millennial drivers. Retailers have reported a sales increase of 1200%, as consumers look for super cool ways to zip around town in a jiffy. 

Jason Shields, a sales representative from Kid Motorz, understands that the past several months have been challenging for automobile seekers, but is confident that the Kid Motorz alternative will provide an effective and, most importantly, fun solution for all the speedsters on the block. 

“The Kid Motorz Hummer is perfect for the busy, cost-conscious hot rod,” said Shields. “Not only is it thousands of dollars less than the average used car on the market right now, but it also reaches top speed like no other Kid Motorz car, speeding up to 11 miles per hour going downhill with an adult on it.”

Some new buyers have expressed frustration with the vehicle. Complaints include the requirement to fully charge the vehicle per hour of use, and the limited radio station selection.

“I have listened to the Cowabunga, Surf’s Up song thousands of times,” said recent buyer Asia Richards. “The Rock On, Pop Star, and Wild Wild West songs are fine too, but I was hoping for maybe one or two more songs for when I really need to be pumped up on my way to work. It definitely needs more variety. Maybe a true crime podcast?”

Despite its shortcomings, such as space, load capacity, comfort, and general functionality, the Kid Motorz Hummer boasts several pros, including its affordability, keyless entry, all-terrain tires, the pack of lightning bolt stickers that come in the box, and easy to clean plastic seats for when you puke or spill your applesauce. 

The eco-conscious, wallet friendly vehicle can be found at select Walmart and Big Lots stores around the Twin Cities, starting at $299.99.