Vikings Museum Exists for Some Reason

Photo by  Erik Drost

Photo by Erik Drost

Giddy with excitement for the 2019 NFL football season, Minnesota Vikings fans from all over the state were seen making the trek to Eagan to visit the team’s museum that exists for some reason.

The complex, which opened in 2018, is reportedly packed full of purple-draped hallways, gold-painted exhibits and subtle reminders of the team’s perpetual failure. 

“They have some pieces of turf on display from every playoff game,” said Darrell Robertson, a visitor from Anoka. “You can also buy game-worn jerseys and stuff, too. It’s pretty cool to be this close to almost greatness”.

The museum also features team memorabilia, a coach’s corner and audio and video-aided exhibits highlighting the team’s four trips to the Super Bowl – losses that continue to haunt the franchise to this day. 

“I got a nice little Viktor Viking pin for my daughter,” Robertson continued. “I might grab a postcard after a quick photo with the empty Super Bowl trophy case.”

The popular Kick Your Own Field Goal exhibit showcases the leg strength of patrons, who are likely more qualified to play the position than anyone the Vikings have signed in the last 25 years.

“This place is pretty special. It’s a must-see for anyone who loves this team.” said Robertson as he picked up his complimentary,purple and gold Prozac.