Vikings To Use Off-Season To Prepare For Next Massive Disappointment

Photo By  Matthew Deery

Photo By Matthew Deery

In a press conference earlier this week, Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman laid out the team’s preparations for the 2019 Massive Disappointment. “We’re very excited about the changes and improvements coming for next Massive Disappointment. They’re really going to get everyone’s hopes up.”

When prompted for examples, Spielman brought up the offense. “Our plan? Bring in an offensive coordinator who is going to get people excited. With the weapons we have, that should set us up for a huge Massive Disappointment, offensively.”

Spielman then addressed the coaching staff. “I’d like to assure everyone of this organization’s commitment to Coach Zimmer. Massive Disappointment after Massive Disappointment, Mike (Zimmer) has been there, every step of the way.”

When asked if he thought the 2018 Massive Disappointment was a massive disappointment, Spielman responded, “Look, 2018 had some lows, but it also had some highs. That’s what makes a Massive Disappointment a Massive Disappointment. But the fans shouldn’t worry, because this leadership team will be around for many Massive Disappointments to come.”