Wild Replace Bill Guerin With Emilio Estevez as General Manager


ST. PAUL — Just weeks after Bill Guerin was hired as the Wild’s General Manager owners of the NHL team announced another major shake up in the front office. Guerin is officially out, and famed Hollywood actor, Emilio Estevez, has been selected to lead the front office in hopes of bringing the team back into Stanley Cup contention.

Best known for his portrayal of Gordon Bombay, a youth hockey star turned pee wee coach, as part of the semi-popular Mighty Ducks cinematic universe, Estevez has never played nor held a front office position in any capacity professionally or otherwise.

“It’s just crazy enough to work.” said a spokesperson for the Wild’s ownership group, “ Given [Estevez’s] experience preparing for his signature role, we felt like he was just the man for the job.”

Fans have embraced the new hire, although are seemingly unable to separate actor from character, “When Bombay jumped onto the bench with that duck call in D2, I was pumped! I know he’ll bring that same energy to the entire organization.”

Estevez brings with him a solid endorsement from the Screen Actors Guild, as well as an impressive history of credits like: The Breakfast Club, Young Guns, and Young Guns II.