Yikes! Worst Person You Know Is Launching A Self-Help Instagram

Oh no. Looks like the Worst Person You Know just started a self-help instagram, and folks, it’s looking pretty brutal. 

The Worst Person You Know posted a picture of themselves holding a cup of coffee with two hands and fake laughing with a six paragraph long caption announcing their new holistic endeavor. 

“I’ve always felt called to help others, and I figure the best way to do that is sharing some of the wisdom I’ve learned about self-love and self-value over my own hardships!” the Worst Person You Know wrote, refering to the time their dad bought them a brand-new Jeep instead of the Land Rover they asked for.

“I believe in holistic medicine, and the power that the mind has over all,” said the Worst Person You Know. They went on to explain how they’d be posting tips and tricks for “being the most powerful YOU-NIVERSE” and “rejecting input from those unaligned with your journey”, along with “amazing brand partnerships!”   

It’s unclear whether the Worst Person You Know will be addressing topics such as “understanding when to seek professional mental healthcare” or “acknowledging when you have immense financial privilege”. At press time their latest post was an advertisement for a crystal that supposedly prevents COVID, paired with a quote that is almost certainly plagiarized from Glennon Doyle.