You Just Got Hunk’d: Paul Bunyan Officially Inaugurated Into Himbo Hall of Fame

Original photo by Nejones1987

Good news feels scarce lately for many Minnesotans in the midst of an extremely difficult year. However, an announcement from the Himbo Hall of Fame (HHF) may lift the spirits of many, as Minnesota’s Paul Bunyan was recently welcomed as a 2021 inductee.

“Paul’s inclusion into the HHF is a long time coming but boy are we happy to have him among our ranks” Himbo Hall of Fame president Chet Wrigley shared with us, “my dude has the whole package; beard, rippling biceps and an extremely chill approach to sustainable logging and lakes creation.”  

As a result of being inducted into the Himbo Hall of Fame, Bunyan will be able to enjoy all the perks that come with being a “hot and respectful king who subsidizes his lack of brains with the careful application of brawn for the ultimate good vibes of humanity” Wrigley tells us. Those perks include an HHF sponsored TikTok channel, 24-hour gym access, and a lifetime supply of protein powder and Power Balance bracelets.

When asked about how he feels to be an HHF inductee, Paul Bunyan seems appreciative if not confused.

“It’s very kind of this gentlemen’s club to accept me as one of their own. I am unsure of who some of my fellow brethren such as one ‘Channing Tatum’ are but I will find out in due course. Perhaps they will let me exchange my protein powder allowance for flint or feed for Babe.”