4 Chic Haircuts That Say, ‘Took High School Speech Team Way Too Seriously’

Are you looking to refresh your look? Has it been a minute since you’ve hit the salon? Did you wake up at 6AM every Saturday in high school, filled with the bloodlust that it takes to give a flawless 10-minute long oral presentation in front of a panel of judges who couldn’t understand how important it was to you on that day to at least make it to honor finals? Here are 4 super chic hairstyles that say, “I Took High School Speech Team Way Too Seriously:” 

  1. The French Bob: The French Bob is a stylish update on a classic hairstyle that features short, straight-across bangs and flippy layers cut close to the jawline. This hairstyle screams, “I double-entered in Storytelling and Humorous Interpretation at every tournament for 3 years straight, and yes, I did think I was better than everyone else.” 
  2. Razored Long Bob With A Deep Side Part: We’re not giving up side parts yet, Gen Z! With less severe layers than other haircuts in the zeitgeist, this style has effortless cool-girl energy, much like the same energy you lacked when that bitch in the red suit from Moorhead beat you in Original Oratory finals at Lakeville North’s speech tournament your Junior year. 
  3. Long Shag with Curtain Bangs: The ultimate trendy hairstyle of 2021, a long shag with curtain bangs is incredibly versatile. Style it soft and romantic, style it 70s retro, style it punk-rock—  you can’t go wrong. Just like you couldn’t go wrong wearing your J.C. Penney suit to class on the day of Sectionals, just to let everyone else at school know that you were deadly. serious. about. bringing. home. that. trophy. 
  4. Beach Waves with Balayage: If you’re looking to preserve length in your hairstyle, we can’t recommend a beachy, wavy, highlighted look like this enough. You’ll love the easy upkeep as well—  and who couldn’t use a little ease in their life after memorizing a complex and purely subjective ranking system that determined your entire self-worth from the ages of 14-17? (How is a 3-92 both better than a 5-85 and worse than a 1-100??)  

Any of these hairstyles should give you that much-needed style refresh you’ve been craving. And if not—  just remember, hair grows back! Just like your self-worth grew back after you finished your high school speech career without a single state title. So cut yourself some slack, and get to cutting that hair instead!