Ryan Murphy To Announce New Horror Series Based on Minnesota Police

Hollywood megaproducer Ryan Murphy, known for creating the long-running anthology series American Horror Story which tackles the scariest things known to man, has found his spookiest subject yet – Minnesota police departments.

Murphy shared that while he was always afraid to visit the Midwest because “there wouldn’t be anything interesting to do,” when researching for new monsters that terrorize innocent people, Minnesota police departments came up as a suggested topic.

“It had everything we usually look for in a season theme,” stated Brad Falchuk, Murphy’s co-producer. “Terror, suspense, and an antagonist so unredeemable that you have to call them a monster. We struck horror gold when looking into the systematic long-term abuse and malpractice of Minnesota’s police departments.”

FX, the network that airs American Horror Story, did a sample poll of the idea, with results showing that while there is immense excitement for a new vile experience to be shared, many will have to brace themselves to witness.

“They had a clown named Twisty who murdered people,” one test group member noted. “I didn’t think anything could be worse, but just the idea of witnessing more Minnesota police malpractice sent a chill down my spine, I broke into a cold sweat, and a single tear slid from my left eye.”

Murphy also hinted producers are in talks to potentially create a spinoff series, citing that there are so many horrifying stories of systemic police oppression to pull from that could easily fill five or six seasons minimum.