5 Back-To-School Outfits That You Can’t Stop Me From Wearing, Dad, I’m 15, That’s Practically An Adult

We all want to head back to class in style! Whether your school look is runway-ready or you’re playing catch-up after a year and a half of remote learning, you can rely on these five pieces to up your weekday wardrobe. And honestly, Dad, don’t even try to stop me from wearing any of these because I’m 15, and that’s practically an adult!

  1. Black Metal T-Shirt 
    Whether you get them from Urban Outfitters or get the OG vintage off of Depop, band t-shirts are the perfect way to show everyone that you have good taste in music. And like, GET OVER IT, Dad. I don’t care that you hate my Bathory shirt with a decapitated goat and a pentagram and blood-covered woman on it- it’s just a t-shirt. God!
  1. Platform Fila Sneakers 
    We’re not over the chunky shoe trend yet! A pair of white platform Filas bring cool athleisure energy to your daily look. And NO, I don’t care about ankle support for gym class, Dad! You’re trying to make me look like a total dweeb. 
  1. Ripped Baggy Jeans 
    This year’s denim trends are all about the grunge look. Watch out for pairs in true-blue or light washes with distressed knees. STOP- they’re not broken, Dad- the safety pins are part of the look, OKAY!?
  1. Pajama Pants
    What do you MEAN I can’t wear these out of the house? I wore them during class all of last year, what is the difference? The first bell is 8:10AM, I’m seriously gonna be so tired, I deserve to be comfy!! GOD you’re being so unfair right now! 
  1. Vintage Babydoll Dresses 
    Okay, so this one takes some planning: Monday through Thursday, Mom is still in the house by the time you catch the bus, BUT on Friday mornings she has that early meeting and she’s out the door by 7:30, so you just have to sneak into her closet, go to the way, way back where she keeps her old stuff from college and—  no, I’m not going to ask her, she’s going to say no! It’ll be FINE, she won’t even notice, ugh! You guys never let me do what I want! 

At the end of the day, you’ll love wearing these fresh new pieces, regardless of how much your Dad winces when you leave the house in the morning! So THERE!