BREAKING: Dad Sees Deer

ANDOVER — Multiple reports have confirmed that mere moments ago, local father and nature enthusiast Doug Powell saw a large mammal believed to be a deer.

The incident occurred while Powell, 52, his wife, and three children were traveling northbound on Round Lake Boulevard in a white 2019 Toyota Sienna. 

Upon making visual contact with the deer, the male parental figure slowed the vehicle and asked “did you see that?”. When no one responded, he vigorously repeated the inquiry several more times.

“It was a deer! Wow. You don’t see that on this road everyday,” said Powell, “Oh look! Another one! Must be a family. See this is why you gotta slow down when ya see a deer cross the road- there’s always another one.”

The father then reportedly detailed in length an uneventful story about another time he saw a dear, much to the dismay of his bored children.

At press time, Doug and Nancy began telling the same morbid story about a friend from high school that died instantly after her car hit a moose that their children had heard a dozen times before.