Breaking: Dasher Fired From North Pole Over Proud Boys Connection

The second most popular reindeer Dasher has filed suit against Kris Kringle LLC, claiming he was wrongfully terminated over his association with the far-right, neo-fascist and male-only political organization The Proud Boys.

When Dasher first started flying for the company, he proposed in court filings, the executive leadership team knew of his association with the group. He routinely fought for a “no doe” policy and his locker was adorned with many people of him with various Proud Boys leaders.

Dasher claims that all was smooth as fresh snow until this year, when the “political correctness” caused a lot of changes, including but not limited to, no longer able to laugh at Rudolph nor call him names.

Things came to a head when Dasher was contacted by the company’s ethics and compliance helpline, inquiring if he was still connected to the Proud Boys and the implications that could mean for his time with the company.

He explained to the company that he has always been this way and that his political beliefs have never been called into question before. On a Parler post, Dasher candidly mentioned that “that elf was on a high shelf and wanted me to feel as small as him.” A few days after his conversation with the helpline, Dasher received word he would not be flying this Christmas because “his behavior was not in compliance with Kris Kringle LLC’s core values.”

In his suit, Dasher claimed that “life doesn’t have to be all merry and jingle jangly” and that people and reindeer alike should not be punished because they “hate identity politics and cultural marxism.”

He maintains that his political views never hinder his work and if “some little pansy boy wanted a Barbie, I guess that is something he will have to deal with when he inevitably gets beat up.”

According to the filings, Dasher finds “deep irony” in what happened to him, stating that if “Santa can be Black, why can’t a reindeer support his gender?”

Kris Kringle LLC shared a press release, sharing that Dasher’s claims are “without merit” and that the company is prepared to present its case in court. Rudolph, spokesperson for the company, added that “while we are saddened for how this went down, they are above playing reindeer games. Unfortunately for Dasher, he will be going down in history.”