Couple Clearly Phoning in Third Maternity Photoshoot

MINNETONKA — Facebook friends of local parents Brien and Angie-Lee Miller have noted that the couple’s recently released third maternity shoot is a massive step down in quality from their two prior efforts.

“When they were pregnant with Briennalyn they brought in a team of three photographers and went to five different locations,” said Merry Greenglass, a friend of the couple. “I’m pretty sure Angie-Lee rented a trailer to hold all her outfit changes.”

This most recent shoot fell short of the production value. In the photos the couple is just standing in the driveway and it appears the pictures were shot on a cell phone.

“It’s a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, so it’s not like it’s a cheap phone or anything,” said Brien Miller. “It was rated the best phone camera on the market in 2018. That’s plenty of megapixels for anyone.”

Angie-Lee Miller offered some insight into the change in quality.

“I haven’t slept in three years. I have one kid that just stopped breast-feeding, I have another that is in a phase where she thinks it’s funny to throw the fish out of the fishtank, and I have a ten-pound human I’m about to push out of me. Yeah, I’m phoning this one in.”