Coworker Makes ‘Winter is Coming’ Joke for Fifth Time Today


ST. LOUIS PARK — Upon hearing someone complain about the cold November weather, your coworker Timothy Andrews made the same ‘Winter is Coming’ joke for the fifth time today. Having laughed at his dated reference each time, the Accounts Payable Manager shows no signs of stopping.

Sources have confirmed that despite only seeing the first three episodes of Game of Thrones, Mr. Andrews continued his relentless onslaught of the same joke. “It’s like he doesn’t realize how many times he’s said it or that it’s completely cliche to say now,” your boss, Stacey Peterson said, “and each time we all have to smile and nod as if it’s funny.”

While consensus is the Game of Thrones reference is preferable to the usual constant references to The Office, the hit NBC sitcom that went of the air in 2013, many believe there is still no excuse for being subjected to such a lame and played joke. “If he wanted us to like him, he’d stop and just leave us alone,” said Jake in marketing.

At press time when confronted with his coworkers disdain for the repeated joke, Mr. Andrews added “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” to no one in particular.