Five Witchcraft Activities to Give You Any Feeling Of Control Over Your Life


Let’s face it, ladies: this tense political climate is rough. Even with the “Me, Too” movement rocking the country, powerful men still aren’t fully being held accountable for their actions. With misogyny still running rampant, it can be hard not to feel disempowered as a woman. While we may not be able to change policy or the Supreme Court, there’s one thing we can do: get witchy! Here are five witchcraft activities to help you feel like you have any control over your life:

Palo Santo

Is your aura full of bad energy because your male friends and coworkers are constantly talking over you? Swap your burning rage for burning Palo Santo! Cleanse your aura of that misogynistic energy, at least until another man talks to you.

Full Moon Rituals

Channel lunar energy at the full moon by performing a burning ceremony of all of the unsolicited sexual messages you receive from strangers on the internet. Smudge some sage and invoke feelings of feminine strength toward Ruth Bader Ginsburg so she stays alive for at least two more years.

Voodoo Dolls

Channel your anger into crafting an adorable doll of a man in your life and use it for evil! Exact your revenge by inserting pins into the places where your male coworkers keep touching you as they pass your desk. Or stab pins into the doll’s eyes, since your friend’s boyfriend Dave’s always seem to wander to your breasts when you’re talking.


Crystals work with the body’s energy to help heal and open your heart and mind. Many find great comfort and power in crystals, which is great because lord knows you don’t have either of those things!

Start a Coven

Increase the power of your feminine energy by starting a coven with your best gal pals. Exercise your powers by watching each other’s drinks and walking together after dark! Add women you don’t know into your coven by pretending you are long lost friends when a stranger is harassing her on the bus.

There you have it: five wicked Wiccan activities to help ward off the dread of being a woman. You can stock up on your kitschy witchy supplies at the Future Minneapolis, Magus Books and Herbs, or The Eye of Horus. That is, if you have any disposable income since you only make eighty cents to the dollar.