Local Woman Splurges, Buys Second Cheapest Wine on Buffalo Wild Wings Menu


WOODBURY — In celebration of completing a hard week at work, local woman Beth McCormick threw caution to the wind and ordered an $11 glass of wine from Buffalo Wild Wing’s selection, the second cheapest wine available.

“Usually I go with whatever is $8 on Happy Hour, but sometimes you have to loosen the purse strings and really ‘treat yo self’, ya know?”, commented Ms. McCormick, referencing a self care philosophy of irresponsible spending typically reserved for lavish luxuries.

“I deserve nice things”, she added about the Yellow Tail wine just ordered from the chain chicken-focused restaurant, “YOLO!”

Sources report Ms. McCormick could not pronounce the wine she desired and instead opted to point at the menu for the server. “I know I like red, I think”, the preschool teacher said, “What’s your closest to Barefoot’s White Zin? I know I like that for sure.”

At press time Ms. McCormick could be overheard calling the waiter “garçon” and commenting on the Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio’s ‘tannings’.