Dollar General at Nicollet Mall Offers Upscale Environment for Shoplifting

MINNEAPOLIS — Dollar General opened an upscale version of their discount store called “DGX Minneapolis” last week. The new DGX location on Nicollet Mall offers a fresh, urban environment for customers to shoplift from. 

The DGX model relies on smaller store spaces and a focus on the millennial market while maintaining the ease of theft that consumers have come to appreciate about classic Dollar Generals. 

“We’re not trying to abandon our roots as the place you pocket nail polish from when employees aren’t looking,” said a brand representative from Dollar General. “We’re just trying to provide a hip, sexy dollar store location that matches the heart of this great city, so millennials, yuppies, and business women on the go will have a convenient location to steal from on their lunch break.” 

DGX is anticipated to open its doors early 2021. The Minneapolis location will reportedly employ about 15 people, none of whom will be paid enough to care at all about rampant theft.