Downtown Skyway Totally Haunted Now

Original photo by Paul Sableman

MINNEAPOLIS — With the Derek Chauvin trial underway local and national news reporters have descended upon downtown Minneapolis to cover the proceedings. However some are beginning to cover a totally different phenomenon: ghosts.

With the downtown area now less frequented and businesses closed there have been several reports of supernatural sightings by those still coming to the area, specifically in the now empty skyways. 

“We tried to set up our cameras near some boarded up windows to get an urban decay feel for the suburban viewers and we saw a large white specter near a skyway bridge above”, said KARE 11 Cameraman Chuck Schumacher. “Then I remembered my aunt Barb died of a heart attack in that exact same skyway bridge. The specter kept pacing back and forth, muttering about trying to find the Dayton’s. It spooked the hell out of me.”

Some who have experienced these strange occurrences have called them coincidence, while others have said the sightings are ‘oddly specific’. 

“I was heading to the target for pens on Nicolet and when I got up the escalator I overheard a voice say it was going to the downtown Barnes and Noble,” said Pioneer Press reporter Paul Jones while anxiously smoking a cigarette. “But then I remembered that the Barnes and Nobles closed down years ago, I turned to tell that person, but nobody was there. Nobody.”

At press time there were reports by members of VICE Media of a little girl in a Victorian nightgown begging to go to Applebee’s at Block E.