Eagan Man Banking on Breweries Being Back Open By Now Has to Rebuild Entire Personality

EAGAN — While Minnesotans are missing many of their social activities during the pandemic, Eagan resident Harrison Davis is strongly feeling the absence of popular Twin Cities breweries.

“Yeah, I was really banking on like Fair State, Indeed and at least Deschutes to be operating at full capacity again but they’re not so, yeah, kind of gotta figure some things out, haha!” Davis tells us.

The “things” that Davis needs to figure out are what he’s going to do with the thousands of dollars he spent on podcasting equipment for a yet to be launched “Minnbeersota Boys” podcast which Davis envisioned revolving around he and his friends going to local breweries and reviewing their beer offerings to comedic effect.

“Yeah, I got like 500 shirts and stickers with “You Beer-cha” just sitting in my apartment so, uh, really hoping that we can turn this around so we can get back to busting out those brewskis!”

Davis’ dating and social life also revolved around talking about and going to breweries and with current COVID restrictions, his conversation and social outlets have all but dried up.

“Yeah, I think I gotta find something else to…do I guess? But outside the walls of a brewery it’s been hard to know who Harrison is and what he wants besides a complex, full-bodied IPA. I guess it’s time to fill up the growler that’s my soul and go from there.”