Edina Woman Confused Why the $75 She Spent on Feminist Tchotchkes at Patina Didn’t End Institutional Racism and Sexism

MINNEAPOLIS — They say that money can’t buy you happiness, but one Minneapolis resident hoped that it would finally put an end to institutional racism and sexism after her most recent trip to Patina.

“Yeah, I just don’t really know what else I can do,” Erin Gravitz tells us. “I follow the right Instagram accounts, I drove past George Floyd Square last summer and did some serious reflection and I made a donation somewhere doing really powerful work and…oh! I just bought like $75 worth of really progressive and empowering stuff from Patina!”

The various tchotchkes and reading materials purchased by Gravitz include a cat-shaped mug with the words “Never Meow-less She Purr-sisted” written on the back, a flipbook of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg leading Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance, and “Ew, Racism!” Schitt’s Creek cross-stitch, an earring holder in the shape of Frida Kahlo’s face, and a cookbook called Badass Batches: Cookies for Ladybosses and Confectionary Queens.

 Despite all her efforts and recent purchases, Gravitz still feels at a loss as to why there’s still injustice and inequity in our country.

 “I feel like I’ve already done a lot and I’m just so…tired, you know? I’m all in for figuring this stuff out and doing the work but I don’t really know what else I can do to just stop all the racism and patriarchy. I arranged all the stuff I got from Patina under my Michelle Obama wall but I’m just one girl. I need to focus on some self-care right now and then I can get up and fight another day.”

At press time, Gravitz had reportedly “wrapped up the day’s activism” at Edina’s Galleria where she had a glass of organically grown wine from Good Earth Café.