Isanti Couple’s Wedding Announcement Almost Indistinguishable From Cabela’s Catalogue

ISANTI — Wedding bells will soon be in the air for Isanti couple Trisha Erickson and Josh Turgo, but their recent wedding announcement has confused friends and family with a look that is almost indistinguishable from a Cabela’s catalogue.

“When I got their invitation, I thought that the Big C was having a sale on camo jackets again, so I started flipping through to get to the Camo Club Coupon but instead I just kept seeing Trish and Josh in every picture. Then I looked a little closer and realized it was just their wedding invite,” the couple’s friend Randy Corliss shared, somewhat disappointed.

Erickson and Turgo’s wedding invitation, in a departure from the typical one sheet used for most invitations, is 56 pages long, featuring the couple in various hunting gear ensembles and brandishing 25 unique guns between them.

“They got those glossy pages and it looks like they got all the wording to be in that Cabela’s font so if I didn’t look close enough I’d have thrown it in the garbage before my husband got a chance to take it into the gazebo to look at all the young ladies in fishing waders,” Turgo’s mother Jeanne confided.

Adding to the uncanny similarities is the fact that all the pants, boots, lures, fishing rods, ATVs, bullets, canoes, tree stands, ice fishing lodges and Big Mouth Billy Basses featured in the couple’s invitation are accompanied by price listings identical to Cabela’s fall mailer.

When asked about what inspired their wedding invitation look, Trisha Erickson said that she wanted to send her friends and family a little glimpse of what made the Turgos the Turgos.

“I get to marry my best friend, my crazy, goofy guy who’s just a country boy at heart. My big hairy rascal with a heart of gold. The perfect combination of grizzly man and teddy bear. And for that reason, I wanted to create an invitation that invited all our loved ones to buy into our wild, rugged lovestyle.”

Erickson refused to comment on the copyright lawsuit that Cabela’s LLC is mounting against her and her fiancé but was adamant that her concept for the invitation’s last photo, their wedding hashtag, “#theyreputtingitintoturgo written in deer blood on a piece of reclaimed wood, was completely original.