Five Holiday Sweaters You Can Put on Your Dog That Will Make You Forget You Haven’t Had a Hug in 9 Months

With the holiday season officially upon us, many are looking for ways that they can spread a little cheer without spreading the virus.  As the CDC warns against gathering with people outside of their immediate household for the next couple of months, many will miss the chance to embrace their loved ones. To help ward off potential holiday blues, here are five holiday sweaters you can put on your dog that will make you forget that you haven’t had a hug in nine months!

1. Furry Flurries Snowflake Sweater (Walmart, $13.00)
Do you love when your dog goes outside and comes back in all snowy? Then you’re in luck because that’s what this sweater is all about! There might not be any hugs in your forecast anytime soon but seeing your little guy in this number will be all the warmth you’ll need this winter.  

2. Barkin’ Around the Christmas Tree Sweater (Target $17.99)
Deck your dog in boughs of holly with this snuggly sparkler! No hugs of Christmas past will haunt you when you stuff your pup into this cozy little Christmas jumper.

3. Reindeer Gamers (Patina, $34.00)
Get in control(ler) of your dog’s holiday with this geek chic knit that will pown the cuteness competition! It’ll be game over for your fundamental need for human touch when you see your dog in this cable-knit Christmas character customization. Can you say EPIC WINTER?

4. Santa’s Little Helper Sweater (Fleet Farm, $12.95)
You’ve made a list of the months you’ve gone without an embrace (nine) and checked it twice (still nine) but instead you’ll find out just how nice this little sweater covered in tiny Santa hatted dogs is! You won’t get a lump of soul crushing loneliness in your stocking this year as soon as you put this one on your pup!

5. Cookie Wonderland (Macy’s, $22.00)
If you give a mouse a cookie, you should give your dog a cookie sweater! Put this pull over covered with classic holiday baked goods on your doggo and your brain will just delete the concept of a hug all together. Your memories of touch will become hazy and abstract, utterly useless to you. You will be enveloped by the void and you’ll finally be free of pain. Besides! Your brain is going to need all the space it can get to imprint just how goddamn cute your dog will look in this fleece treat!

Whichever sweater you choose, you can feel confident that you’ll experience the sweet release of an emotional lobotomy as soon as you force your dog into its wooly embrace. Happy shopping!