Scientists Warn Marijuana Could Be Legal in Minnesota As Early As 2050

Scientists from the University of Minnesota are warning that at the current rate of change, recreational marijuana could be legal in the state in as little as a generation. A newly published paper in The Journal of Marijuana Research* makes the startling claim that Minnesota is hurtling rapidly down a path that could lead to the legalization of marijuana as early as 2050.

“The idea that marijuana would one day be legal seemed preposterous even a decade ago but we now have a growing body of evidence that such a scenario is entirely possible,” said the paper’s lead researcher, Dr. Franklin Lewis, “I mean, legalization has already spread to South Dakota. Like, are you fucking kidding me?” 

“It’s possible our children and children’s children could live on a very different planet… one where the once beautiful, pristine state of Minnesota is knee-deep in bongwater”, said paper co-author Dr. Ariana Wells, “a sobering thought indeed.”

Researchers are quick to point out, however, that such a fate is not yet written in stone. “Avoiding marijuana legalization by mid-century is possible but would require a drastic change in the way we live our lives,” said Lewis, “it would take ensuring Republicans like Paul Gazelka stay in power indefinitely as well as encouraging young people to switch from marijuana to safer alternatives like alcohol or tobacco.”

Lewis added, “only together can we make sure marijuana legalization in Minnesota is as distant a possibility as major police reform”.

*paid for by a generous grant from the Minnesota Department of Corrections