Ghost Haunting Split Rock Lighthouse Bored as Fuck

The ghost that haunts the North Shore’s historic Split Rock Lighthouse has revealed that he’s “bored out of his fucking mind” in an exclusive interview with The Nordly. The mysterious spirit, an early 1900s Lighthouse keeper named Eustace Nesbitt, sat down briefly with The Nordly earlier this week to discuss the crushing monotony of his existence.

“I’ve tried to entertain myself. I really have,” said the ghost, “I scared a few visitors in the 80s but it just wasn’t for me”. The ghostly apparition, dressed smartly in a well ironed lightkeeper’s uniform, explained that he’d already wandered every inch of the scenic 1910 lighthouse and that “it got old pretty quickly”. “I hate to say it,” he added, “but this place kinda sucks”.

“Sometimes I check out the visitor’s center or the gift shop, read the same brochure again, or spookily levitate a keychain. Occasionally I’ll look out at the lake and I’ll imagine it’s full of root beer,” said the specter, “that’s kinda fun. One time in the 90s someone left a Tamagotchi overnight. That was by far the best day of my afterlife. Overall, though, it’s been dull as hell”. Before finally disappearing into the shadows, he added “if you can, try to at least die in a room with a Tamagotchi.”