Global Pandemic Will Not Stop New Brighton Uncle from Honoring Holiday Tradition of Sending That Grinch Farting in Yoga Class Video to Entire Family

NEW BRIGHTON — As COVID infections are on the rise, many families’ holiday traditions are going from ho hos to no goes. But Carl Lundt of New Brighton is thankful he can still share his favorite tradition with family and friends. 

“It’s really not Christmas for me until I send all the Lundts the video of the Grinch just ripping green ass in that yoga class.”

The clip Lundt is referring to is a viral clip from 2014 of someone in a Grinch costume participating in a yoga class, first screaming when the class is told to do a breathing exercise and then later heard loudly breaking wind when the class is led into a downward dog pose. 

“You know those females, oh sorry, I mean girls in that class really didn’t know what hit them. Man, if I could have been there, wow, me and the Grinch would have had a good time.”

The Lundts on the receiving end of this video have somewhat different reactions to this viral clip. 

“Yeah, the video is straight-up not that funny but it’s kind of like…he’s 50 and old and maybe doesn’t have that much time left so it’s like we have to respond to the email with a “hahaha” or “classic” or something,” Colton Lundt, 15 shared with us.

Cheryl Lundt agrees with her son, “It’s an interesting video, you know…I’m just glad Carl is sending us this instead of forwarding those chain emails complaining about how kids don’t stand for the pledge of allegiance anymore.”