Hypocrites? The Current Refuses to Play AC/DC’s High Voltage Album from Start to Finish


When hard rock fan Lloyd Hogan recently moved to Plymouth from Minot, North Dakota he was hoping to find a radio station to lock at number one on his radio presets.

“I was told The Current was the best music station in town. I thought that name sounded electric. Then I listened for an hour and heard absolutely no AC/DC. I called in and asked if they’d play their High Voltage album, figuring with songs like ‘Live Wire’ and the title track it’d be a natural fit. The DJ chuckled and said ‘I’ll see what I can do.’”

The station, beloved by coffee shop intellectuals and cool moms with tattoos, plays alternative rock favorites of the past and present. Its playlist does lack artists like AC/DC that feature driving beats and power riffs.

“I gave it another shot one Friday afternoon and they were playing some dude named Dawes,” Hogan said. “So I called in and again requested the AC/DC album. The DJ shot me down. Geez, Current: quit being hypocrites, live up to your name, and play AC/DC’s High Voltage in its entirety!”

Upon the advice of a mechanic at his neighborhood Jiffy Lube, Hogan has migrated up the FM dial to the hard rocking 93X.