Jacob Frey Unveils New Brutalist Interactive Art Piece Intitled ‘Please Vote For Me Again Or Else’ Near The Government Center

Original photos by Tony Webster

MINNEAPOLIS — Minneapolis is a city known for it’s love of the arts and Left\liberal leaning politics, but one man is hoping to merge the two and is nervous that ‘people just won’t get it’.

Please Vote For Me Again Or Else, an interactive Brutalist art installation located by the Government Center is the work of none other than Mayor Jacob Frey, politician, supporter of policing, and extreme fan of questionable art. The piece allows viewers to be denied access to several basic human rights, as well as audience participation from anyone who wants to abuse power by playing the role of a National Guard member. Critics are calling it “profound, “ahead of it’s time” and “some fuckin bullshit”. 

“I wanted to juxtapose the fascist elements of Brutalist architecture with the fascist elements of luxury condos”, said the Mayor standing in front of a barbed wire fence. “At its core the piece is trying to say ‘I’ve been a really good mayor and it’s time to vote for me again please now!”

The piece was made from a grant created with millions of taxpayer dollars, and is the first of many around the city including “Tiny Ass Homes For The Houseless Inside A Big Ass Warehouse”, and the continuing installation “Unfinished Freeway” located on 35. 

“I genuinely don’t think people will get what I’m going for here. I’ve been a really good mayor, and if people don’t wanna vote for me, then they just don’t understand high concept art” The Mayor said with a cigarette in one hand and a tiny cup of espresso in the other. “What I’m doing isn’t fascist, it’s not liberalism, it’s avant-garde, and I deserve to be mayor because I’m an artist damn it!”.