Minneapolis Man Listening To Seventeen True Crime Podcasts Doesn’t Have Time To Keep Up With Chauvin Trial

MINNEAPOLIS — As the trial of Derek Chauvin proceeds, people from around the world have tuned in to keep close track of the proceedings. One person who has not, however, is 32-year old and self-described “true crime junkie” Corey Bench. 

“Oh, I think I’ve heard of that one! I’ve been meaning to look into it, it’s on my list,” said Bench when asked what he knew about Chauvin’s ongoing trial.  

Despite free and easily accessed livestreams of courtroom footage, Bench has repeatedly expressed regret at having “just like, no time” to keep up with the murder trial happening in his own city. 

“I guess I just like my crime stories wrapped up and with a clean narrative,” said Bench. “So like, it’s not my priority to focus on the ongoing trial of a man who killed a human person in my own backyard, but I really would like to get around to it eventually.” 

At time of press, Bench was queuing up Last Podcast On The Left’s 10-hour long series on ‘Mormonism and Mormon Crimes,’ and scrolling past trial updates on his Twitter feed.