Minneapolis Sculpture Garden Nearly Ready for Harvest

Original photo by Southern Foodways Alliance

MINNEAPOLIS — The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and Walker Art Center have announced in a joint press release this morning that several sculptures in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, including the park’s legendary centerpiece “Spoonbridge and Cherry”, have neared maturation and will be ready for harvest late spring of 2024.

“We’ve been anticipating this day since the garden opened in September of 1988,” said Glenn Dixon, member of the board. “It has been a slow process, but a little over 34 years of hard work later, we’re finally seeing the fruits of our labor. Our proudest achievement is getting Spoonbridge and Cherry to grow so big. We didn’t expect it one bit, we only really had a couple yards at most in mind to be honest.”

Some members of the public are saddened that for the next decade or so the park will be empty while the sculpture seedlings sprout.

“I heard one of my favorite sculptures, that big spinning one that looks like a triangle, is gonna be gone real soon which is a bummer,” said local resident Adam Cain. “That horse made of sticks is a heavy loss too. This is all so crazy to think about. I guess it’s alright in the end because I finally get to know what some of these sculptures taste like.”

The Walker has also announced it will be selling “Grow Your Own Spoonbridge and Cherry” kits in their gift shop to promote this spring’s harvest.