Minnesota Dnr Announces Duluth Dad at Peak Color for Fall White Legs

Photo by Garrison Reid

DULUTH, MN — Minnesota’s fall season is here and that means a full palette of red, yellow, and orange splashing onto trees all around the state. These vibrant colors reach their peak at various times throughout the month of October, but in Duluth, one of the least known colors is now at full capacity: White.

“Yeah, we got a dad out in Lincoln Park still wearing cargo shorts,” said Minnesota DNR Officer Brad Risdon. “When the sun came out last weekend, this individual was listening to live music on the patio of a local craft brewery, and, apparently, the harsh bright whites of his legs blinded several passersby.”

The dad, Bruce Raymond, had no idea he had reached maximum paleness so early in the fall season.

“This is Duluth, so summer’s usually over by July 7,” said Raymond. “But the sun was out, my daughter had a gig here at Ursa Minor, so I figured ‘what the heck’ and dug out the shorts.”

Officer Risdon noted that the DNR has alerted highway patrol around the state to be vigilant for other Dad Fall White Leg situations. But for now, it appears to be isolated to one supportive Duluth Dad.

“She loves it when I come hear her play,” said Raymond of his musician daughter. “Sometimes I sing along when she belts out ‘Closer to Fine’. It’s kinda our thing.”

The daughter could not be reached for comment.