Minnesota State Fair’s Ye Olde Mill Ride Undergoing Massive New Two Light Bulb Renovation Prior to Opening

Photo by BenFranske

ST. PAUL — As preparations are underway for this year’s Great Minnesota Get-Together, there’s one State Fair mainstay that is getting quite the makeover—the Ye Olde Mill Ride is undergoing a massive renovation adding two new light bulbs, bringing up the total to five bulbs.

“Yesiree, it looks like the old girl needs primp and polish,” Ye Olde Mill’s caretaker, Bartholomew J. Tuttle confirmed. “These two new fangled e-lectric bulbs will be the most illumination the Mill will emit in over 50 years!” Tuttle explained, pulling two blown glass light bulbs with broken filament out of his patched up overalls with a twinkle in his eye.

The light bulb renovation will happen over the next two weeks before the Fair’s official opening on August 26th.

“We’ll need to do this overhaul easy-like and tip-toe-true so as not to disturb…so as not to disturb Malafree the Ye Olde Mill Muskie Queen!” Mr. Tuttle gasped as he almost inhaled his corncob pipe. “She doesn’t care for her domain to be reframed!” he eked out as he pulled the brim of his scuffed up top hat over his eyes.

Despite his concerns about tampering with the current state of the ride, Mr. Tuttle knows that he’ll get the job done.

“I’ve got the whole cavalcade of wooden cutout compatriots to keep me afloat if Malafree tries to make a sacrifice out of me!” Tuttle giggles before winking and hopping on top of the mill, clicking his heels and disappearing into the darkness of the ride.