Nation’s Top Satire Award Goes to Minnesota Man Who Stepped Outside and Asked “Whatever Happened to Global Warming?”


2019’s prestigious “Award for American Satire” has been presented to Tim McCullough, a Coon Rapids man who stepped outside Tuesday, asked “whatever happened to global warming?” and grinned smugly. The award has in the past been given to such luminary satirists as Mark Twain and Jon Stewart.

The Academy for American Satire was not expected to announce this year’s winner until 2020 but made the unprecedented decision to choose the recipient early. “When we heard McCullough’s scathing commentary, we knew nothing in the next twelve months could possibly top it”, explained the Academy’s president. “You see, what makes the comment so brilliant is that although the vast majority of scientists agree the earth is drastically warming due to human activity, it remains extremely chilly outside.”

During his acceptance speech, McCullough thanked his friends and family for their support and credited his inspiration to “it being cold” as well as “decades of consuming far right television and radio”. When asked what’s next for this up-and-coming humorist, McCullough cryptically replied “I can’t say much about my newest project but here’s a clue: it’s definitely about immigrants”.