Nisswa Family Cancels Summer Trip to Visit Cousins in Kenwood, Citing Scary BLM at Protests in the Neighborhood

NISSWA — A Nisswa family has officially canceled their summer travel plans to visit their cousins who reside in the Kenwood neighborhood of Minneapolis, due to the very scary BLM protests in that area. 

“I’ve seen what’s happening on TV and I don’t like it one bit ,” said Barby Smith, mother of the Smith family. “These people are setting trash cans on fire right by my sister’s house- I’m pretty sure they’ve barricaded off the neighborhood. I don’t see why they have to be so angry.  .”

The Kenwood neighborhood has not seen any protests in the past year, and the most prominent act of defiance that emerged from the neighborhood was a few Black Lives Matter/Science is Real yard signs appearing in people’s front lawns for a 3-month stay.

“Ever since they abolished the police, Minneapolis has not been the same,” said Ron Smith, father of the family. “It used to be our favorite summer getaway, but we’d rather not vacation in constant fear. Besides, there’s lots to do in Nisswa: breathe, fall asleep, wake up – we can do it all.”

The Smith family has bolstered security measures at home in Nisswa, after reading on the American Free Thinker that the BLM was identifying and geotagging honest, hard-working white families who love the Lord, and appearing at their homes to smear phrases like ‘Blacks Rule, Whites Drool’ on their garage doors in period blood.