Opinion: It’s Mother’s Day: Let Her Eat the Birdseed

Mother’s Day is here: a holiday dedicated to celebrating the women who raised us. And while every other day of the year we may tell mom that the birdseed is supposed to go outside to feed the cardinals and that she should eat the people food inside, it’s her special day. She deserves to treat herself. So this Mother’s Day, let her eat the birdseed! 

Your mom’s something to cluck about, right? 😛 Why not treat her like the ruler of the roost that she is and let her get that pecking in order and go to town on some dusty millet! This girl is a fliER and deserves to be treated as such. Instead of opening a card, imagine how high she’ll be flyin’ when she sees you opening a big honkin’ bag of seed for her special day. You’ll have her eating out of the palm of your hand–literally! 

This Sunday, when you’re trying to show your appreciation for the woman who made your very first nest, give the wine and flowers a rest and throw some grade-A safflower seed on the ground and watch your mom get her beak on and fill her gullet with that pre-plant goodness. 

So what are you waiting for, pretty pollo? It’s time to shake a tail feather and get mama bird her sweet treat and continue Mother Goose’s greatest oral tradition and feed her her seed!