Minnetonka Mom’s Fifth Choice Restaurant for Mother’s Day Is Actually Just Great!!! Really, It’s Exactly What She Wanted, so Perfect

MINNETONKA – Mother’s Day is just around the corner and Minnetonka resident Cheryl Lundstrom could not be more thrilled with her fifth-choice restaurant that her husband and two sons chose for Mother’s Day brunch. 

“My boys have done it again!” Lundstrom said while rapidly tapping her foot. “They did exactly what I asked them to do, which was pick a restaurant for me for Mother’s Day. It’s perfect and it’s definitely what I wanted! ” 

Lundstrom had sent a list of “fun new places to check out” to her husband and sons over two months ago but found out yesterday that they settled on her fifth choice: Buca di Beppo. 

The Lundstrom boys feel confident about their choice.

“Yeah, all those other places were like, French or something weird but Buca’s chill and  you can see old pictures of ladies with their tops off in the hallways.” Lundstrom’s eldest son, Charlie, sixteen, said. “And it was on her list- why would she put it on her list if she didn’t want to go?”  

Despite not going to one of her top choice restaurants this Sunday, Lundstrom insists that she’s just grateful to be able to spend time with her family. 

“It’s fine. We’ll get around to those places some other time. It’s fine. If I wanted to go to Spoon & Stable I should have made the reservation. It’s fine that they can’t read my mind. We’ll get to spend that time together and it’s fine!” 

Lundstrom then proceeded to grip her coffee mug so tightly the handle broke.