Opinion: Woah, What the Fuck Is Going on in Our State Flag?

Hold up. Is that really our flag? Am I really the only one seeing this? What the fuck is going on there?

So, there is a Native American dude on a horse, and a white dude just plowing the land? Like the land that was owned by Native Americans? Just in front of him?

Wait, are they looking at each other? So, the white guy who is plowing the Native American’s land is staring him down?! That is bold and disrespectful. We are all seeing this, right?

Also: Why. Are. There. Mountains? Those steep peaks look like they were airdropped from Colorado into the middle of the fucking praire.

And why does it look like it was drawn by a 9-year-old? Does the governor know about this? Have they been informed?

Seriously, who did this? Does anyone even know?

And why are there three different dates? I guess the one at the top is the year Minnesota was founded, but I have not a goddamn inkling of a clue of what happened in 1819 or 1893.

Has this always been our flag? Are we OK with this? Has anyone really ever taken a second to figure out what the fuck is going on here?

Just realized that the smaller stars collectively make a larger star. Jesus Christ.